Open Training 20 maart 2017

Ben jij toe aan een nieuwe sport? Kies dan voor roller derby! De allerleukste teamsport die net even anders is. Nieuwsgierig? Kom dan 20 maart naar onze open training! (16+)

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Skaters – Scheidsrechters – Non-skating officials
*** WE WANT YOU! ***

★New year, new sport!★
It’s that time of the year again: Fresh meat night on March 20th! On this night we will tell you all about roller derby, we’ll show you what we do in our training and you can already try on roller skates and protective gear. And of course you will have the chance to try and roll around for a while to experience what it’s like to be on 8 wheels. Trust us when we say: you’ll love it!!

>>Start of the fresh meat period on skates: 27th of March!<< >>>>Every Monday Night<<<< Interested? Sign up now! ->

★SKATERS (16+)★
In around 20 weeks we’ll teach you al the basics of roller skating and the basics of roller derby. So no experience necessary! First month you can try it out for free.

What do you need to play roller derby?
• Quad skates.
• Helmet
• Knee-, elbow-, wrist guards
• Mouthguard

We have (artistic) quad skates for you to use: for one training or the whole fresh meat period. We also have (limited available) old gear from our dolls to borrow, but try to find gear yourself too (in the attic, steal from your brother, check marktplaats). Let us know when you have any questions. Because of safety reasons we can’t let anyone play without full gear.

Want to join the zebra herd? Think about joining SCRNRD as a referee!

Not so table on wheels but want to join the fun off skates? Think about signing up as a non-skating official.

Monday 20th of March
You are welcome at Sportcenter Ganzerik, ganzerik 1, Breda. 19:00 – 20:30

Fresh Meat training will be from the 27th of March on Monday nights.

Let us know! Just send an e-mail to ->


We hope to see you all on track on March 20th!