1st birthday

One year ago we were so enthusiastic about roller derby AGAIN that it was time for some real action. We didn’t really know what we were getting in to. After a couple of weeks we had thirty cackling chicks and a guy and we really didn’t know how this would end.

Well lucky us. It didn’t end.

It continued with a lot of ups and downs. We practiced all summer, showed off our new gear, shiny tights, and after it got more serious, we rented the hall and practiced some more, a lot more. This past year the league grew on skates and off skates. We raised funds on flea-markets and had an awesome fundraiser. We got bruised, a lot. Pour tailbones, knees, elbows and brains. We lost some girls but we got some great girls and guys back instead. We became an official league, did our first minimum skills requirements test, have real referees in our team now, we started scrimmage practice and now have our first official game on the calender.

I am really proud of all the dolls and dudes in this league and I’m really looking forward to the next year(s)

Lyza Kavula

Birthday scrimmage





The surprise after the hard practice.