Friday Night Scrimmages

★Every Friday from 13th of January until 17th of February 2016★

20:30 – 22:30


Hey everyone!

We are happy to announce our Friday Scrimmage Nights are back! Every Friday from January the 13th until February the 17th are all about scrimmaging! We would like to invite you over to join these nights to get you the scrimmage experience going. 

It will be for everyone, also for less experienced skaters, rookie referees and rookie (or no experience at all) non-skating officials. Or if you want to practice the new ruleset. This year we also have a special night to get your announcing skills going. schedule below!

All evenings will be free to join, but limited places so please sign up with the right form (and show up 🙂 )

★Sign up form for everyone★


Fun! We like to have skaters over from other leagues! But we also hope we attract (smaller) leagues that have troubles getting proper scrimmage experience during their training or rookies and B-team players that are still in need for more experience to prepare for bouts. But in the end, everyone is welcome to join.


Scrimmage: 20:30 On Skates, 22:30 max end.

13 January: Scrimmage

20 January: Scrimmage // Announcer practice!

27 January: Scrimmage

03 February: Closed scrimmage and fun with PoP

10 February: Roller Disco:

17 February: Scrimmage: Carnaval!

★Practical information★

– Please bring your own water bottle.

– Wheels: we have a sticky floor. We recommend using hard wheels.

– Bring a black and white scrimmage shirt with your number on it. (mandatory)

★The venue★

De Leeuwerik

St. Jacobsstraat 1B

4855 AK Galder

★Skater profile★

You will join A-team skaters and rookies from Suck City. Rookies: you are cleared for contact, stable on skates. very ready for minimum skills (please let you coach send an e-mail to verify this to or passed your minimum skills. if you are not sure, please contact us. Skaters who already have scrimmage/bout experience are welcome to join but know there will be rookies involved. Also you need to have basic knowledge of the game.

★Referee profile★

Rookie referee’s and more experienced; you are stable on skates, you have at least some basic knowledge and ready to take it to the next level. you are welcome to practice your skills at these scrimmage nights. Also experienced referee’s are welcome to join. Maybe you would like to practice the new rulesset.

★NSO profile★

You want to be an NSO or want a chance to practice some more before joining a real game. We hope we can attract a more experienced NSO to take you under her flamingo wings and teach you the ins and outs of NSO-ing. 

★Time schedule 13 jan – 17 feb (example)★

20:30 on skates, start warm-up (dolls will lay down track)

20:45 – 21:30 Scrimmage drills

21:30 – 21:50 Scrimmage part 1

21:50 – 22:05 Feedback, small drills on feedback assigned by coaches 

22:05 – 22:25 Scrimmage part 2

22:25 – 22:30 Cooling down