First public scrimmage roller derby in Breda


Finally! The Suck City Rock’n Roller Dolls will be hosting their first public scrimmage in Breda on the 23th of March. It will be the very first of its kind as it happens to be the first public roller derby scrimmage in Breda! We will play against the lovely Rotterdam Death Row Honeys (B-team). Join us for this epic moment and support your local roller derby league!

Doors open: 13:00
First whistle: 14:00
Entrance: €4

Sporthal “de Scharen”
Topaasstraat 13
4817 HA Breda

*We will be playing 2x 30min with a 15min break.
*Find the basic rules of roller derby in the “about” section of this website
*Link to the Facebook event page
*Link to the website of the Rotterdam Death Row Honeys