Extra Fresh Meat try-outs

Skaters/Refs/NSO’s wanted!

Time for an extra fresh meat try-out! We are looking for tough & dedicated women to strengthen our roller derby team! You don’t need any experience, we can get you rolling, learn how to play roller derby and have fun doing it! Our fresh meat trainers are ready to teach you all the basics and make you ready for the real deal!

If you’re not a female and/or not so stabile on eight wheels, consider joining the SCRNRD as a referee or non-skating official. Referee’s and officials are very important to the league!

What do you need?
You need Skates, elbow-, knee-, wristguards and a helmet yourself. If you can’t arrange/borrow any skates or protection please contact us asap and we’ll try to arrange something for you (don’t forget to let us know your size, protection limited available). Because of safety reasons we can’t let anyone play without full gear.

Fresh meat training will be every Monday starting May 5
Time: 19:30 – 21:30
Location: Sporthal “de Mandt”
Address: Kriekenstraat 13, Teteringen
Costs try-out: free
Age: 18+

Please sign up: Freshmeat@rollerderbybreda.com

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Hope to see you soon!
Derby Love,
The Suck City Rock’n Roller Dolls